Taking Care of You

May 15, 2009

Hello All! Today’s topic is an important one. I want to brief discuss the importance of taking of ourselves. Everyone would agree that the “self” is the most important topic. And as that is the case I just want to make a list of some important things to remember.


1.  The weather is warmer now so please, make sure that you drink water before, during and after exercise (especially in hotter climates). One should drink about 8 oz before strenuous exercise and another  8 oz during and after that exercise period.

2. Practice exercise safety. Use a helmet while biking  (no matter how silly you look) and practice safety in the gym too. Remember to enlist the aid of a “spotter” for lifting heavier weights and to not over-exert yourself. Trust me, it does more harm than good.

3. Wear sunscreen everyday. With that said, have a window of time to allow vitamin D to enter your body. Vitamin D is a free gift that the sun gives us and protects our immune system and gives us lots of energy. Think of how good you feel after spend some significant time outside – it’s the Vitamin D!

4. Don’t do everything alone. Exercise can be a solitary event, but it is more fun with a friend. Having a workout buddy motivates you and challenges you. Plus, it is so much fun to exercise with someone else!


If you don’t have a workout buddy and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you have one now! My job is to be a workout buddy, but I am so much more! Come and find out by contacting me at fitforsuccess.christian@gmail.com, or call me at 510-734-7453.


Thanks for following and remember to always be Fit For Success!


Welcome to My Blog!

April 21, 2009

Greetings! I want to welcome you to my blog! This blog will contain the latest in fitness, health and wellness topics. I trust that you will you the find the information informative and inspirational.


I thought that I would write a bit about myself. I am 30 years old and I work as a personal trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked in the fitness industry for ten years in many different positions. My passion is health, fitness and wellness and I am honored to impart my knowledge and passion with you all. My personal mission is to help enhance the quality of life in others. That led to the development of my company’s name – Fit For Success. I want everyone to be fit and healthy for life. You only have one body and in order to be a success, that body needs to be in top form.


This blog will present ways to make fitness a lifestyle and not drudgery. Again thank you and enjoy my blog. Remember, always be fit…fit for success!


Hello world!

April 21, 2009

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